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Maternally Yours!

Sit back, relax and enjoy some of our selections.

Maternity. It's a special time in your life. Trust this ocassion to the professionals. We have two differnent types of services. One is the basic packages where you wear you own clothing and you

can decide on any regular studio package from $45.


The second package is our forte. Initally you decide on your backgrounds then we provide you with a choice of wraps in various colours, white, tan, pink or blue along with the wraps we decorate the set with flowers of various colours and drape veiling material to accentuate your colour scheme. Then we pose you in various positions to graciously show your  form, these can be done with your significant other and child if so desired. We then let you review the photographs on our computers and there you can decide on whichever photographs that you would like. We recommend that you bring a friend to assist with your dressing and other needs. Please call 322-3413 if you have any questions. Appointment preffered, walk-ins always welcome.

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