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Thank you for choosing The Portrait Studio.


On this page you can book your appointments, we recommend that you call the studio 322-3413, to confirm the availability of your requested time before proceeding. Once booked only reschedules of your time are allowed.


Please Note there are four deposit options ($40.00, $90.00, $150.00, and $200.00) you can only choose one of them to reserve your time and or payment for services.


                                                   COVID 19 Update

We have briefly update our site. Below you will find several more options for online payments that were not availale before. For additional info you can Whatsapp your info to us such as booking dat, time and other information to  242-824-3915. We require 24 hours for payments to be update. So please pay promptly.

 We thank you very much.

You are now on your way to The Portrait Studio.



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